Monday, December 10, 2007

Lovelace Thanksgiving 2007

We had a Thankgiving dinner at Bryce's cousins Fire Station where he volunteers his time. We had the Fire Station to our selves for our dinner. Bryce's other cousin Bahnson brought the deep-frier and we deep fried a turkey. To bad Bryce is vegitarian she would have loved the taste of it. Maybe next year we can deep-fry her Tofurkey. We basically did the whole stuff your face until you couldn't move thing. There's nothing wrong with that. Paul took the kids including Bryce and I on a drive in one of the Fire trucks. How cool was that? (very cool) The kids were so excited that he took us out for a ride. They all had little Jr. Fireman hats on.

While we were all together we had a little birthday party for Josh. Enjoy the pictures from this festive get together.

Conner and Negy (Bahnson and Joyce's son)

Isabelle and Negy

Aaron Geisel (Paul and Kathy's daughter)

Fireman Paul

Winston - the new Chief in town

Jr. Fireman Lincoln

Magen, Aaron, Isabelle and Lincoln - in the Fire truck

Negy showing the love for his Aunt Nancy

"Master J" Josh with his b-day cake

Can I just say you had to be there to see how funny this really was. Jeff who is dating Bryce's cousin Nancy tried picking up "Rescue Randy" the dumby because Bryce's other cousin Ann had made him slide out of the chair. "Rescue Randy is a big boy, he weighs around 200lbs. Ann tried many times until she was red in the face to put him back into the chair, but it was having the opposite result. "Rescue Randy" would slide further out of the chair. This is where Jeff steps in and is going to use his manly muscles to pick "Rescue Randy" up and place hime up-right in his chair. The only success Jeff had as you can see was making "Rescue Randy's" pants fall down. I haven't laugh so much in my life.

Jeff we're not laughing at you. We're laughing with you.

"Rescue Randy" finally made it back on his throne. With the help of Ann and Nancy he was fully dressed again.

Joyce. Bahnson, Kathy, Steve, Conner, Josh and Lincoln

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