Monday, November 24, 2008


So today we are feeling quite old. Isabelle turns 12 today. She has become a beautiful little lady. It seems like just yesterday we were back at McChord Airforce base in Tacoma, oowing and awing over our new pride and joy. Here we are 12 years later! She is such a big help for us and a wonderful big sister to her little brothers. She is still mad at us for not having a sister for her, but we're not sure if sometimes (mood swings) that would be healthy for those of us that live with her. We love her and wish her a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Texas - o - Texas

Nov 13 we headed north to visit our FOTR friends the Watkins near Fort Worth. They were staying with Vicky’s parents for a bit. The Watkins have a bus and her parents have one too (so you know they are cool!). Neither of their buses were at her parents so there was plenty of parking. They have a trampoline & swing set, which the kids loved. They have 2 little chickens and the cutest chicken coop! They also just found this pretty bird (can’t remember what kind??) but it is sooo funny. It only likes Vicky’s dad, everyone else it bites. They have a private fenced area where our dogs could run around. The kids had a great time playing with their kids. Vicky’s mom cooked for us…yummy! And we all enjoyed hot showers and I did laundry….till I killed the dryer….yikes! I feel really bad about that! They are such a nice welcoming family, we really got the royal treatment!

Organic Tribe in front of our bus

Jewels, Vicki and Joey

Lincoln and Jewel

Victor and his bird

The Chickens

Conner and Jake

Winston rockn

We took the kids to the Mint, where they make cash (or notes as they called it) on Friday.

Fort Worth Engraving and Printing

Entrance at Engraving and Printing

Entrance of Engraving and Printing

Saturday was cold so we mostly stayed inside and just enjoyed chatting. That night we took Isabelle to the Twilight pre-movie party at Borders, which was pretty lame-o. But we did enjoy hanging out at the bookstore checking out lots of books and listening to some good music. This guy was playing and was really good…kind of sounded like the Decemberist. Conner stayed and slept over at the Watkins. He had a great time with their boys! We stayed at a Lowe’s that night so we would be close to town. Sunday morning we headed over to the Stockyard. There is a little western town with brick streets and guys on horses and longhorn cattle that go right down the middle of the street. Winston even got to sit on a longhorn! We watched some cowboy mounted balloon shooting, and checked out lots of little western shops. Sunday afternoon we went back to the Watkins…as if they hadn’t had enough of us. Monday we hit the road again. Thanks Vicky & Joey for everything!!!

The kids at the Stock Yards

Winston, Isabelle and Lincoln

Bryce and the best cookbook ever that we found

Watching the longhorns going down the town

Winston and Isabelle with Jake the Longhorn

Steve and kids

Isabelle, Winston and Steve

Steve and kids

Lincoln and Winston

Bryce and Isabelle

Bryce and kids at Stock Yards

Isabelle got a Twilight bookmark at Borders pre-party

Monday, November 17, 2008

Austin Rocks!

SL020115 by you.
We rolled into Austin on Halloween and our friends the Xtreme Family invited us over for dinner and trick or treating. This was our first time meeting the Extreme family in person. They used to be a FOTR and have a SWEET bus that they converted. What a nice family! Cindy is an AMAZING hostess & cook!! She even made marshmallows in the shape of bones. She had her place all decked out with great Halloween decorations too. Their kids are teens, but were so nice and easy going with our younger ones checking out all their cool stuff/ toys. We met the Weed family that night too. They have 3 boys close in age to our boys so the kids had a great time playing and trick or treating!

We took the Dillo (city bus) to the Extreme Fams house
SL010092 by you.
Trick or Treating
SL010089 by you.
Lincoln and Bryce at the Halloween party
SL010094 by you.
Steve watching this lady play her propain tank drum (sounds real peaceful)
SL310076 by you.
Winston, I mean Batman OOPS!
SL010102 by you.
To much candy does this......

We spent the following 2wks in Austin. We found a cool park right down town to boondock at. We could walk all over downtown. We really like Austin! It's a big city, but doesn't feel like it. They have a beautiful lake and a great walking/ bike trail that goes around it. It seems to be a very green & healthy city. Lots of people out running, walking, biking and kayaking! We loved watching the turtles. Our dogs were thrilled about the HUGE off leash dog park and enjoyed swimming in the lake too! We went swimming at Barton Springs and visited the Nature Center. The kids LOVED the Children's Museum and we enjoyed the YMCA! We played at the playground on the roof of the huge Whole Foods, had free Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and free nachos at Chuy's for happy hr! Steve saw Lance Armstrong at Chuy's one of the nights we were there. We checked out SOCO's 1st Thursday and got to hang out with the Barenaked Family. Isabelle really had a great time with Sunny & hopes to meet up again!

SL020141 by you.

Asher and Winston
SL020136 by you.
Winston and Asher
SL020129 by you.
Isabelle and the Acorn she found
SL020127 by you.
SL020124 by you.
Steve and the dogs on Tara and Kevins pimp ride!
SL020118 by you.
Austin Childrens museum
SL030012 by you.
The amount of birds in the city was crazy
SL030013 by you.
Views of Austin
SL030015 by you.
Walking bridge in Austin
SL040029 by you.
Walking to Whole Foods (Their headquarters)
SL030023 by you.
Beautiful Austin at dusk
SL060104 by you.
Lincoln rockn at the childrens museum
SL060099 by you.
Lincoln at CM
SL060098 by you.
Little Jack Black Winston (Rock on)
SL060083 by you.
Lincoln and Winston at CM
SL060077 by you.
Lincoln and Isabelle making things at CM
SL060062 by you.
Bryce and Conner creating project at CM
SL060060 by you.
Lincoln and Winston at CM
SL060050 by you.
Bryce excited about her creation at CM
SL060045 by you.
Isabelle creating art at CM
SL060042 by you.
Walking to downtown Austin
SL020154 by you.
Gamebay time in the bus
SL020156 by you.
Downtown Austin
SL020171 by you.
Swimming with the Weed family at Barton Springs
SL040030 by you.
Downtown Austin
SL080002 by you.
Entrance at Nature Center
SL080009 by you.
Isabelle and Sunny at NC
SL080025 by you.
Conner and Brennon at NC
SL080027 by you.
Sloan and Weed boys
SL080043 by you.
Kids digging at the Dino dig at NC
SL080051 by you.
Isabelle and Sunny uncovering Dino bones at NC
SL080054 by you.
Conner uncovering bones at NC
SL090003 by you.
Dogs swimming in the Lake
SL090013 by you.
Coco decided he wanted to climb the tree with Conner
SL130003 by you.
Boondocked at the Baseball fields in Austin

Sloan and Weed Fams

We did most of the above with the Weed family....we just couldn't get enough of them! They drove us down 6th St and around town in their HUGE truck. Steve & I sat on the back with our was crazy fun! We had lots of movie nights at their place, fun at the play ground, a couple date nights, and more! I really enjoyed hanging with Tara and the kids really hit it off! Even their baby Asher started calling me mom...LOL! We will miss them & look forward to crossing paths again!