Friday, November 21, 2008

Texas - o - Texas

Nov 13 we headed north to visit our FOTR friends the Watkins near Fort Worth. They were staying with Vicky’s parents for a bit. The Watkins have a bus and her parents have one too (so you know they are cool!). Neither of their buses were at her parents so there was plenty of parking. They have a trampoline & swing set, which the kids loved. They have 2 little chickens and the cutest chicken coop! They also just found this pretty bird (can’t remember what kind??) but it is sooo funny. It only likes Vicky’s dad, everyone else it bites. They have a private fenced area where our dogs could run around. The kids had a great time playing with their kids. Vicky’s mom cooked for us…yummy! And we all enjoyed hot showers and I did laundry….till I killed the dryer….yikes! I feel really bad about that! They are such a nice welcoming family, we really got the royal treatment!

Organic Tribe in front of our bus

Jewels, Vicki and Joey

Lincoln and Jewel

Victor and his bird

The Chickens

Conner and Jake

Winston rockn

We took the kids to the Mint, where they make cash (or notes as they called it) on Friday.

Fort Worth Engraving and Printing

Entrance at Engraving and Printing

Entrance of Engraving and Printing

Saturday was cold so we mostly stayed inside and just enjoyed chatting. That night we took Isabelle to the Twilight pre-movie party at Borders, which was pretty lame-o. But we did enjoy hanging out at the bookstore checking out lots of books and listening to some good music. This guy was playing and was really good…kind of sounded like the Decemberist. Conner stayed and slept over at the Watkins. He had a great time with their boys! We stayed at a Lowe’s that night so we would be close to town. Sunday morning we headed over to the Stockyard. There is a little western town with brick streets and guys on horses and longhorn cattle that go right down the middle of the street. Winston even got to sit on a longhorn! We watched some cowboy mounted balloon shooting, and checked out lots of little western shops. Sunday afternoon we went back to the Watkins…as if they hadn’t had enough of us. Monday we hit the road again. Thanks Vicky & Joey for everything!!!

The kids at the Stock Yards

Winston, Isabelle and Lincoln

Bryce and the best cookbook ever that we found

Watching the longhorns going down the town

Winston and Isabelle with Jake the Longhorn

Steve and kids

Isabelle, Winston and Steve

Steve and kids

Lincoln and Winston

Bryce and Isabelle

Bryce and kids at Stock Yards

Isabelle got a Twilight bookmark at Borders pre-party


Dean said...

Looks like a ton of fun. I want a pet longhorn now!

Christi said...

Yay! You finally joined blogger. Now it should be easier for us to keep up!

I like the "donate" to Organic Tribe option. LOL

5 Chinchen's said...

How great that you stayed with another FOTR. Looks like you all had fun. Where are you headed to next?

organic tribe said...

We are in Asheville, NC until the end of December. Then we are heading down to Florida to warmer weather. We just visited with the LOUD family from FOTR this weekend. Are you guys staying around AZ?