Friday, July 24, 2009

UT Fun Stuff!

These are some of the high lights and fun things we did in SLC & Provo. We visited the SLC Children's Museum twice. Once with our FOTR friends, Gayle & Eddy, and another time we took Mylie and Sage with us. It's a huge new children's museum and we get in free! We also visited the Clark Planetarium which is always fun, with Karen, Nate & Margaret. I took Lincoln & Isabelle to a play with Karen, Nate & Margaret too. I took the kids to the SLC library, which is our very favorite library! We spent a day with Grandmom Sloan exploring the BYU art museum, which was really really neat! Then we dropped by the small BYU dino museum, which even though it is small, it has some really cool stuff! We made it up to Park City with the kiddos to meet up with our new friend Jenny O. She showed us some really cool rocks & gems at Park City Jewelers and let the kids cut geodes. Then we rode the trolley up & down main street.

Winston and Abby

Conner and Isabelle at the Salt Lake Children Museum

Lincoln climbing at SLC Children museum

Bryce at children museum

Gayle and Abby at children museum

Winston and his cousin Mylie

The kids building things at the children museum

Conner and the bike he built at the children museum

Sage and Isabelle

Winston and Mylie acting a scene for us

The tribe with Grandma Sloan at the BYU art museum

The boys of course being eaten by all the dead Dino's

Conner meets so many new friends on the road

We were attacked by a surprise snow while in Provo

Isabelle and her Geode

Conner and his Geode

Lincoln with his Geode

and last, but not least Winston and his Geode

hanging out in Park City, Utah

Lincoln, Conner and Steve on the Trolley

Winston enjoying his soda on the Trolley

taking the trolley

the kids with Jenny O at the Park City Jewelers

Steve & I also had some kid free fun! We went to see Izabella & Brian Friedman with Tara & Billy. Then we saw Brett Dennon and Angus & Juila Stone with Tara & Chelsea. (Thanks again, Tara!) We couldn't get enough of Bryon Friedman so we went back to see him again with June & Matt! Then to top things off we celebrated Earth Day with Michael Franti & Spearhead! Good times!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby bus & Big bus

Burnie and our newest family member Baby

Burnie masked up ready to paint

Burnie's backside masked up

Skot painting Burnie

new and improved Burnie

We decided we wanted a small car/van to tow so we can do day trips and Steve decided he needed a new project so we bought the Bove's old 78 VW camper. So now we have a baby bus and a big bus! Of course he had to get it running, which took a good wk between putting in a new clutch and getting the lights all working and putting in more seats. After alot of time , sweat & $$ we got our baby bus registered! Yes it passed safety & emissions....YEAH!

My brother, Scott, was super helpful with telling Steve how to do oil changes on both buses and helping Steve put a new clutch in the VW. And he painted Burnie!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Winston turns 5!!!

We are so very blessed to have this sweet wild redhead in our lives! Winston celebrated his 5th b-day in Utah and usually we do something small as a family, but he had 2 parties! One at Chuckie Cheese with his cousins Mylie & Maddy and Uncle Scott & Aunt Crystal and his new friends Damek and Kyan & Grandmom & Papa Lovelace. Then another one at Aunt June & Uncle Matt's house with the Sloan crew. His cousin's Curtis, Annabelle, Easton, & Britti & baby Cadin were there along with Grandmom & Grandpa Sloan, Nick & Amber, Brian & his girlfriend (Rashel....I think?) So needless to say the kid got spoiled! Winston asked me the next day if he was gonna have another party! I think he thought turning 5 meant you get a party everyday! LOL! It was really special to get to celebrate with so much family!

Kids enjoying Winston's birthday breakfast

Winston with Uncle Brian

Winston with the man (I mean Mouse) Chuckee

who won a million tickets?

Winston with his friends Damek and Kyan

Mylie, Winston's cousin

Winston and more tickets