Friday, August 29, 2008

Isabelle's Horse Camp 2008

Isabelle went off to a 2 week horse camp last month. She loves the horses and she loves meeting new friends. Enjoy the pictures. Make sure you check out the last blog entry as well.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

CAMP by you.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. You would think we would have pictures of her riding and doing stuff with horses, but these pictures were taken by her camp leaders. We still have not developed Isabelle's disposable cameras yet.
Again remember to check our last blog as well.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pictures of beautiful NC!

I thought I would put together photo's from our summer here in North Carolina. ENJOY!

SL010004 by you.

This is one of the many BEAUTIFUL sunsets that we have.

SL040020 by you.

On the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way to pick blueberries.

SL040011 by you.

Bryce and kids on Blue Ridge Parkway.

SL040040 by you.

Conner picking blueberries.

SL040028 by you.

blueberries everywhere!

SL040049 by you.

Butterflies were everywhere.

SL040071 by you.

Sweet Sweet Bryce

SL040078 by you.

Kids playing in the water by the blueberry hill.

SL040075 by you.

ZEN Master Lincoln.....

SL040099 by you.

Isabelle and Lincoln playing in the water.

SL040069 by you.

What can we say - we know we are the cutest couple ever!!!!!!

SL210209 by you.

Dropping Isabelle off for 2 week horse camp.

SL210210 by you.

Dropping Isabelle off at camp.

SL210243 by you.

Cutest couple again!

SL210227 by you.

The boys swimming at Triple Falls.

SL120010 by you.


SL120009 by you.

Winston widdling wood and then his finger later on.

SL210229 by you.

Dreads are looking beautiful.

SL210257 by you.

Randy and Ann at Aunt Nancy's B-day party.

SL210268 by you.

Aunt Nancy - The B-day girl!

SL210266 by you.

Negy - Bahnson and Joyce's son. (Bryce's cousin's child)

SL210277 by you.

Aunt Nancy and all the Kids.

SL280019 by you.

Bryce and Conner at Bele Chere. (Asheville has 3 day Music and art Festival downtown)

SL280003 by you.

Hanging out at Bele Chere.

SL280007 by you.

Billy Jonas playing the Volcano song. (Bryce likes his music)

SL280009 by you.

Winston singing along with Billy Jonas.

SL280028 by you.

You know Asheville is cool when the Dough Boy shows up!

SL280015 by you.

Winston's SuperDuper hug is the best!

Hiddenite by you.

Conner panning for gold at Hiddenite. (This place has been featured on travel channel)

Hiddenite by you.

Isabelle at Hiddenite.

Hiddenite by you.

Lincoln at Hiddenite.

Hiddenite by you.

Bryce and Winston at Hiddenite.

Hiddenite by you.

Me at Hiddenite.

Hiddenite by you.

What did you find Winston?

Hiddenite by you.


Hiddenite by you.


Hiddenite by you.

Well there you have it. Things that we did here in North Carolina this Summer. Now all of you that have not visited this area do you see what your missing out on? We love this place! Peace and Love...