Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friends, Sun and good times

Well we are still alive here in Mexico. You would think being in Mexico on the beach that we would have plenty of time to catch up on the blog. Here we are 2 weeks later after our last blog entry. We have done a lot of fun things since we have been here. Bryce and I have celebrated our birthdays, we have visited a place that has a whale skeleton and a shop made from tires and dirt called an Earth-ship building. We have walked the beaches and seen many of its living organisms. We have meet new friends, welcomed the LOUD family to our beach and had to say good by to the Dudley's. We are really enjoying our visit and invite all of you to visit here if you ever have the chance. You won't regret it. Enjoy the million pictures we have posted.

going to see the Earth-ship building

Joleen and Dave

the whale

the kids at the whale

Winston having neon ice cream

dolphin tale

breakfast on the beach

Steve working hard making skirts

Steve, Winston and Lincoln

Christian and Tina

Bryce and Steve at sunset

Bryce and Steve at sunset

Dave and Joleen

Chef Dave cooking shrimp

Christian made steve homemade Key-lime pie (your the best Christian)

Auvi rockn the guitar

Steve playing a little something


Winston scored the biggest find that day

Lincoln found a cool Starfish 

Steve and Bryce shopping for local produce

Steve and Bryce at the produce stand

Vern, Steve, Bryce and Kati

Christian, Joleen, Kati, Vern, Steve and Bryce at the markets

smores and fire


Bryce and Steve

punk-rock Winston

Organic Tribe and the LOUD family

Organic Tribe

the LOUD family

Bryce looking good in her new hat

traveling to the market

coloring in the park

we found see-saws (how fun!)

duck duck goose

we had 4 families from FOTR in Mexico together

old town Puerto Penasco


one of the many style of homes in the city

more homes

Hugos was great local food

Organic Tribe and the LOUD family

Lincoln and his cool hat (it really keeps the sun off his face)
more homes in the area of the markets

Winston and his small hat

Conner and his new friend

the crab Lincoln found

loading up on new fresh water for the day

Mexico FOTR rally 09'

Dudley's leaving us

let's play!

the military police drive around town with there big guns