Monday, September 22, 2008

On The Road Again!

Saturday evening we finally hit the road. We had planned to leave about a wk before that, but in true Sloan style we were late! (Actually I think the Sloan's....Steve family is pretty punctual, so maybe it's a Lovelace thing???) We didn't get very far either. We got to our friend's (Darla & Rob) home near Knoxville and stayed the night there. They have a great old home with a little mini farm with chickens and lots of gardens. We got fresh eggs and herbs. Darla made an amazing faccicha bread and a really great breakfast! Our kids had a great time playing with theirs and we hope to see them on our way back east and at Leaf of course!

SL080134 by you.

With Rob and Darla and Family.

SL080138 by you.

Lincoln, Connor and Winston in Tennessee.

SL080141 by you.

Conner saying good-bye to his friend Kelty in Tennessee.

SL080122 by you.

Isabelle and Kelty with their chickens.
Then we drove Sunday, Monday & Tuesday pretty hard. Tuesday we got into Denver right in time for rush hour and Burnie over heated. The engine shut off and the steering locked up. I was able to get over to the shoulder (for those in NC who don't know what that is....kinda joking.... it's an area of pavement on the side on the lane where you can pull off the road), but it was on an overpass. We were so close to the guard rail that we couldn't open our door to get out to look at the engine. It all worked out after a few hrs and me realizing I had left the bus in drive when it died...oops!

SL110003 by you.

The spot where the bus died on I-70 in Denver.

SL110006 by you.

Who needs to pee???
Wednesday we slowly headed up the pass. We pulled off twice when the bus seemed to get too hot, but had a nice slow drive. The mountains are beautiful and at 30MPH you really get to see ALOT! We got in to De Beque CO and met up with some friends, Vicki & Joey. I have known Vicki online for a couple yrs so it was really fun to meet her in real life! They are another FOTR and they have a very cool bus! We had a great dinner and the kids had a blast playing with their kiddos. The boys love the shirts & crocs..thanks!

SL120013 by you.

All the kids

SL120018 by you.

Vicki and Bryce

SL110011 by you.

Steve and Joe
So now we are almost to Steve's sister, June's, house in Pleasant Grove UT. We are excited to see them & all our UT family & friends! And after putting so many miles on the road we are ready to sit on the beach at Lake Powell and do NOTHING for a wk!!!