Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey everyone, NO! we did not fall off the face of the Earth! We are going to try to get more stuff up on the blog soon. For now I would like to share the new site that I have started putting together. I want it to be a site that I can show off and sell our craftiness and in the future I'd love to add friends and family creations as well and help get their stuff out there. Etsy, Ebay and other sites have not worked so well in the past. It seems I post an item on those sites and I end up selling the piece in person and then have to go on-line and take it off. The Christmas season is coming up soon so enjoy the site as I add more things. Comment if you will on what you like and what I should add to the mix. I only use 100% recycled fabrics for my creations. If you have a special order shoot it my way and I'll see if it can be done. Thanks for all our friends and family who have bought our items the past few years you guys are the best!  As I said I will be posting more of our travels soon.