Sunday, June 7, 2009

more Utah friends & family

Well since we were here, in Utah, for the funeral we figured we might as well drive up north to see some friends & family. We stayed a wk at Steve's sister, June's home. We love staying with June & Matt & their kiddos, Curtis & Annabelle! There is such a feeling of peace in their home. We can just kick back and enjoy our time together. Steve got a ton of sewing done. Which was good cause he had completely sold out of everything! June & I went on long walks took the kids to the park and just hung out.

Steve's Sister June and her fam

We then headed to SLC to see friends who just bought a skoolie and plan to hit the road. Check out their blog at While with them Steve put his sewing skills to work and sewed together a large tie dye banner for Desert Rocks. Desert Rocks puts on alot of concerts and events. We also had a booth at a Desert Rocks festival. We ended up staying with the Bove's for 4 wks! It's hard for us to stay that long in one place, but we had good times and I think Steve got a lot done on their bus with Billy. They get to learn from all our mistakes on our bus design, so their bus will be pimp when it is done!

Nick, Amber and Easton

the banner Steve sewed together

Tom and Bryce going for a ride

Winston and Conner in front of our booth

Winston and Mario

Lincoln and Mario

Isabelle making money (face painting)

Steve becoming a spin-master DJ

Annalee lighting toms fire-hoop

Tom fire-hooping

While in Slc we also had the opportunity to meet up with Dennis and Kimberly Goza from FOTR group. They travel the country putting on skits and plays check out their site.

We did get to see my parents and my brother & sister and their families (except Jim who had to work). I had the chance to go on lots of long walks with Crystal, my sis-in-law and snuggle their new baby, Madie. My kids had lots of fun playing with Mylie and wish they had more time to play with Toby & Arielle!

baby Madie

Crystal with Mylie and Madie

Skot, Bryce's brother with his cute girls

Isabelle and Arielle

We got to see our good friends the Murray's from Park City. Isabelle & Margaret (and me & Karen) have been friends for 5 yrs....I think? Conner & Lincoln got to help celebrate Nate's b-day with a sleepover. This was Lincoln's 1st ever sleepover with a friend and he had a blast!! They both did.

I reconnected with an old friend who I've missed, Noelle. She is not only a good friend, but an amazing midwife! She helped us welcome Winston to our family 5 yrs ago and I was lucky enough to attend some other births with her. We had coffee one day and did brunch another day. Good times!

We also snuck in a way too short visit with Rachel & Sam as they were heading out of town. We got to meet their cute new baby Banks (not his real name, but what we call him)! They own a sweet custom bike shop and high end car dealership in downtown SLC on State St, called Skull Motors. Check it out if you get a chance!

We also had a nice few visits with Annalee and got to see her art finally. She makes amazing glass art! We were able to trade her a custom made bag by Steve for a beautiful piece for our bus! Annalee is one of those people that just brings a warm fuzzy feeling of peace to those around her.

We met some new friends, Julie & Lee, and their sweet kids Damek & Kyan. Winston instantly became best friends with Damek and asked to see him everyday! They invited our family over for homemade pizza and everyone had a great time (except me who stayed home sick...bummer) And Winston invited them to his little b-day party and had a blast! Sweet family! Check out their blogspot Also check out Julie's Etsy shop she has great stuff. We hope to see more of our Utah friends soon!