Monday, December 10, 2007

Lincoln turned ****6****

Hello eveyone. We just celebrated our third birthday. Here are some great pictures of Lincoln. He is so cute and cuttly, when you see him you just want to squeeze his cheeks. enjoy this Lincoln Blog.

Lincoln and Dad

Uncle Skot and Lincoln

Crawling Baby Lincoln

Lincoln's first Minor league card at age 3

He loves the sticks (you can imagine anything w/ a stick)

So darn cute!!!!!!

Lincoln at a Volvo 4-H field trip

Let's SKATE!!!!

Lincoln at Chuckie Cheese

Isabelle,Lincoln,Conner and Winston at Chuckie Cheese

Bryce made him a homemade ice-cream cake (it was awsome!!!!)


(he's not mad. he wanted us to take his picture like this, cute tough guy look)


This blog will let you in on everything we have been upto the last few weeks since Thankgiving. We are always busy, but we manage. Enjoy the update.

A few weeks ago the kids had a dinner party for their co-op homeschool group. The last few months the kids have had a few classroom classes with other homeschool kids. The loved the many things that they learned.

Isabelle made many things in her classes. She loved her pirate class.

Conner enjoyed his classes. He also took the pirate class and also a class called Odyssey of the mind. He performed a skit with his class for everyone to see on stage.

Lincoln had art class and a class called Simple Machines where he made little machines from recycled materials.

Winston took a dance class and had fun with all his little playmates

Winston performed at our dinner on stage with his class. They danced to Mr. Golden Sun. He was so cute up there.

We went to the Asheville Christmas parade. The kids had fun and while we were there the kids were able to give the postman in the parade their letters to Santa Claus.

Lincoln enjoying the Christmas parade.

The kids were invited to be in the Hendersonville parade this year with their 4-H Homeschool group. Isabelle went on her roller blades waving to the crowd like she was the Princess of the parade. Conner rode his skateboard and Lincoln rode his bike. Lincoln nad Winston had a little problem with running into people. (I can't see why, does any one see Lincoln's face?)

Winston was so cute waiving at the crowd

Winston and Steve

We made it through the whole parade yah!!! Winston was sad because we were done riding in the parade and waving at people.

Every year in Asheville there is a large beautiful place called the Grove Park Inn that puts on its annual ginger bread cookie contest. People from all over the United States and Canada enter the contest. Isabelle entered a house last year with some girls from church. It is amazing the thousands of different ginger bread houses. This will probley be a new tradition for our family.

Lincoln, Isabelle and Conner at the Grove Park Inn. Conner has glasses now for seeing things far away. He's so cute in his new frames.

Conner and Steve in front of a Pacific Northwest Indian cookie house (Steve gave this his 1st place vote)

Conner out side of the Grove Park Inn. This is a must see hotel when you come to Asheville.

Bryce and Steve....

Well there you have it. I this pretty much updates you all on what we have been doing. This last weekend we did celibrate Gracie's birthday in Greeneville, South Carolina. I still need to down load those pictures and then I'll post a new blog on that wonderful time. We have 7 days until we leave for Utah for Christmas. We cannot wait to see all our Family and friends. Until the next blog take care.

Lovelace Thanksgiving 2007

We had a Thankgiving dinner at Bryce's cousins Fire Station where he volunteers his time. We had the Fire Station to our selves for our dinner. Bryce's other cousin Bahnson brought the deep-frier and we deep fried a turkey. To bad Bryce is vegitarian she would have loved the taste of it. Maybe next year we can deep-fry her Tofurkey. We basically did the whole stuff your face until you couldn't move thing. There's nothing wrong with that. Paul took the kids including Bryce and I on a drive in one of the Fire trucks. How cool was that? (very cool) The kids were so excited that he took us out for a ride. They all had little Jr. Fireman hats on.

While we were all together we had a little birthday party for Josh. Enjoy the pictures from this festive get together.

Conner and Negy (Bahnson and Joyce's son)

Isabelle and Negy

Aaron Geisel (Paul and Kathy's daughter)

Fireman Paul

Winston - the new Chief in town

Jr. Fireman Lincoln

Magen, Aaron, Isabelle and Lincoln - in the Fire truck

Negy showing the love for his Aunt Nancy

"Master J" Josh with his b-day cake

Can I just say you had to be there to see how funny this really was. Jeff who is dating Bryce's cousin Nancy tried picking up "Rescue Randy" the dumby because Bryce's other cousin Ann had made him slide out of the chair. "Rescue Randy is a big boy, he weighs around 200lbs. Ann tried many times until she was red in the face to put him back into the chair, but it was having the opposite result. "Rescue Randy" would slide further out of the chair. This is where Jeff steps in and is going to use his manly muscles to pick "Rescue Randy" up and place hime up-right in his chair. The only success Jeff had as you can see was making "Rescue Randy's" pants fall down. I haven't laugh so much in my life.

Jeff we're not laughing at you. We're laughing with you.

"Rescue Randy" finally made it back on his throne. With the help of Ann and Nancy he was fully dressed again.

Joyce. Bahnson, Kathy, Steve, Conner, Josh and Lincoln

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Isabelle hits 11!!!!

Isabelle has just turned 11 years old on the 24th of November. How the time passes so quickly. It was just yesterday it seems that Bryce and I were living in a tiny little apartment in steilacoom, Washington. Only living there for 5 months we found out that our first child was on its way. Here we are 11 years later celebrating. She growing up so fast. which in turn makes Bryce and I feel older. Well as my new tradition suggest, I would love to share some timeless photo's of the birthday girl. Enjoy

Baby Isabelle Bailey Sloan

Baby Isabelle

Isabelle's Baby blessing w/ Bryce and grandmas

Isabelle at her 2nd birthday party

Isabelle in Seattle

Isabelle and Bryce in Provo, UT ice skating

Isabelle and Bryce at Christmas

Ya she can be adorable.....

First tooth to fall

Isabelle and her doggy Shaz........(R.I.P.)

Isabelle at Uncle Winston's in Florida

So old........