Friday, May 23, 2008

The Bus

This is our new home the change from school bus to skoolie bus....We loved being able to create or own living space. We have much more to add, but there is plenty of time. We tried to recycle as much as we could with build the bus. We have recycled oak flooring, many pieces of furniture from Habitat, reused appliances from our old house or from old parted out RV's, the wall paneling was end scraps from a local man and other things that we are able to recycle we do. Enjoy the pictures, we worked hard on what is done and we love what we got out of it.

This is looking from the bunk area towards the kitchen/living room
Looking from front windows towards living/kitchen areas

This is our Pimp Master bedroom looking towards the back window

Master looking towards the door

This is the kids bunk area
Framing of the kids bunks

Starting to add paneling to walls

Look at that sweet composting toilet!

Master and bunk area stick framed

Recycled solid oak T&G flooring

Composting toilets being created by Bryce

We free formed the couch's

The first stage of the first couch

These few seats were a pain to cut out!

Starting stage of Master bed frame

Master bed frame under storage area

Small dresser/TV stand in Master bedroom

Hang up closet and dresser in Master bedroom

Installing converter and Inverter boxes in Master bedroom

This is Burnie before white primer
Burnie side profile

Burnie after primed

Burnie's good side after primed

Taking out the back heaters (what a mess)
Cleaned out except for the floor heaters
Insullation added to the floor

Layer of plywood and then starting of the oak floor