Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Winston turns 5!!!

We are so very blessed to have this sweet wild redhead in our lives! Winston celebrated his 5th b-day in Utah and usually we do something small as a family, but he had 2 parties! One at Chuckie Cheese with his cousins Mylie & Maddy and Uncle Scott & Aunt Crystal and his new friends Damek and Kyan & Grandmom & Papa Lovelace. Then another one at Aunt June & Uncle Matt's house with the Sloan crew. His cousin's Curtis, Annabelle, Easton, & Britti & baby Cadin were there along with Grandmom & Grandpa Sloan, Nick & Amber, Brian & his girlfriend (Rashel....I think?) So needless to say the kid got spoiled! Winston asked me the next day if he was gonna have another party! I think he thought turning 5 meant you get a party everyday! LOL! It was really special to get to celebrate with so much family!

Kids enjoying Winston's birthday breakfast

Winston with Uncle Brian

Winston with the man (I mean Mouse) Chuckee

who won a million tickets?

Winston with his friends Damek and Kyan

Mylie, Winston's cousin

Winston and more tickets



Mattsbrt said...

Our kids are getting so big!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Winston!! Looks like you had a great day!!