Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kitty Hawk Beach Trip 2008

Man it's been forever since we posted. That was never meant to happen, but I guess life sneaks itself in and other things like keeping family and friends updated on us get put aside. We have been quite busy since we last posted. We went home to Utah for Christmas and New Years for 3 weeks. We loved seeing our family and many friends. The kids loved sledding in the snow like old times. I can't believe it's already going on 2 years that we have moved to North Carolina. How time gets away!

We had the chance to drive 8 hours to see our friends from Utah Sam and Rachel Christensen. They own a rental house on Southern Shores which is 5 minutes north of Kitty Hawk (yes the place where the Wright Bros. discovered flight). We can't find a time during our stay that we didn't madly enjoy!! The trip was so wonderful. Thank you again Rachel and Sam!!!

I am going to add photo's from the trip, enjoy........I know we did.

This is the small house that we stayed at for the trip

We saw this in the distance getting off an exit to fill up gas

sad but true, this was the room that we had to live with staying at the beach

the back yard view looking towards the Atlantic Ocean

the heated pool......did I say heated, I sure did!!!!!

this was the boys king bed that they shared

the kids had to play on the beach the night we got there even though the sun was gone

me and Sam enjoying the waves the night we got in

me down at the pool

Lincoln at the beach house

The Outer Banks visitor center

My beautiful Bryce

the upstairs living room

a look into the kitchen and dining areas (check out the HUGE table!!!)

Me and Lincoln showing off our finds (Crabs)

Winston loves the beach

What did I find?

I'm such a kid when it comes to searching for that perfect sea shell

family picture in a long tree tunnel

the beach

The families favorite food group

on a hike on our drive back to Asheville...needed to stretch the legs

Turtles in the wild on our way home

Well there are a few photos for you to see some of our trip. I have more photo's some where from when we went to Kitty Hawk to visit the Wright Brother's National Park. Hope you are all doing well.

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