Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chimney Rock:

A few weeks back Isabelle had a Girl Scout trip at a place called Chimney Rock. It's a beautiful place to see and hike. While Isabelle was doing her thing with the girls, the rest of our family hiked up to Chimney Rock and it's waterfalls. The mountain that Chimney rock is on is the mountain where Last of the Mohicans was filmed at the end of the movie where they show the people falling off the waterfall. Down the road at Lake Lure is also an area where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed. So there's a little FYI for all you movie lovers. The sad news about this blog is that a few weeks after we hiked to Chimney Rock, a 2 year old made his way under the fence that surrounds Chimney Rock and fell hundreds of feet to his death. After Isabelle was done we made our way down to the river and had a picnic. The kids were playing in the slow paced water, when a lady told Bryce that they had just seen a few snakes up river from where we were at and that they may be on their way down to us. We pulled the kids out of the water and with in a few seconds we had spotted a handfull of snakes. Enjoy the pictures from that day.

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