Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Asheville Co-op Christmas party

We had a fun time with Asheville homeschool co-op. We got together and set up tables with crafts for all the kids to work on. After making crafts we all had a pot-luck lunch. The kids made some pretty cool crafts and Bryce had her own table set up for the kids to make bead candie canes and bead Christmas reefs.

Bryce helping the kids at her craft table

Winston made his own wrapping paper

Isabelle made a beautiful piece to hang in the bus

Winston made stuff to hang

Winston and Lincoln made wool sheep and wizards

Lincoln making his sheep

Isabelle making a sheep

Winston making a candie cane

Bryce helping the kids
And where is Conner you may ask your self? Well he was off playing Game boy with his best friend. Isn't that what Christmas is all about? (video games)

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Mattsbrt said...

If you ask my son that then that would be a YES!!! That is what Christmas is all about. Thanks for the Ornaments. They are on my tree until everyone comes over & gets them. Love & Miss you!