Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tennessee "The Oringderff family"

After going through Nashville and taking the kids to the zoo, we headed on to East Tennessee to see our friends the Oringderff's. We met this awesome family at the coolest music festival called "LEAF" in North Carolina. Conner had met their daughter and hit it off. We stayed with them for a few days when we had left North Carolina a few months ago. We for sure had to see them on our way through Tennessee again. We think we have them convinced to buy their own bus and convert it and travel. Rob and Darla and family thanks for the visit and the front yard to park the bus on. Hanging out playing guitars and watching Kelty play her violin was so relaxing and fun.

Organic Tribe and the Oringderff's

Connor, Lincoln and Winston

Kelty playing her violin


Winston with the chickens

Isabelle loves the animals

Winston and Isabelle collected eggs

Isabelle feeding the chickens oats

Kelty and Conner

Kelty and Conner creating a swing set

Isabelle and Conner trying out the swing

all the kids trying to lift Kelty

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SWAJetMech said...

Lincoln - you're a stud!, Winston - take the chicken eggs out of your pocket and put them back. They're not done yet. Isabelle - you are looking more like you're Mom every day. Don't lose the freckles. Conner - The design was working. The execution didn't. lol. Try again!