Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We love Mexico!

Sunday the Dudley's drove us around the town. We also went to visit Joleen's Grandmother, who has lived in the town for many years. She is a wonderful lady. We have really enjoyed our stay here in Mexico. We can't complain with the sun, ocean and the relaxation that together they bring. The kids have had a wonderful time playing at the beach all day long. In the mornings we like to get up and walk down to the beach while the tide is out and we study the ocean life that is exposed. It's fascinating the things you see when the tide is out and the things it uncovers. The dogs have loved running along the beach and chasing the birds in which they will never catch. The Sunsets are beautiful, but you have to see them in person to get their full effect. 

Today we took some locals that live in tents on the beach some fresh Papaya fruit. They were very nice and gave us the scoop on some of the local places. They are all from various places in Mexico. They live on the beach and rent out chairs to tourist to sit on. Some of them also sell timeshares. They were very nice and did not push it to hard on us. We have on the other hand had more then we can handle of locals walking up and down the beach day after day trying to sell anything and everything to all of us visiting the area. They have tried selling lots of things to the kids as well. The US economy has really hurt the Mexican people. It was a real awakening Sunday driving around the real parts of town (not the beach area) and seeing how the locals live. Very simple, small shacks or houses no grass and lots of wild dogs roaming the streets. For the most part the streets are sand and dirt and are not paved. We feel like the bus we live in is more then most of these people will ever have. We are very blessed for what we have and the wonderful children we have. Enjoy the pictures from the last few days.

Dudley's truck

Jayden, Isabelle and Adriane

Conner and Winston

Conner, Winston and Lincoln

Humming bird at Joleen's Granmothers house

Burnie overlooking the beach

Conner and one of the many collected shells of the day

Overlooking the Sea of Cortez

Steve in the morning at low tide

Bryce walking the beach, enjoying the sun

Let's toast to family time

the tribe hanging out having chips, salsa and drinks looking out at the beach

Isabelle had her hair braided 

our sweet little Winston

Organic Tribe as the sun goes down



it doesn't get any better then this!


Mattsbrt said...

Looks warm there. I want to wear a tank top without freezing...Oh wait I can here in a few months...Thanks for all the great pics...Burnie huh?

Lillian said...

Awesome! Looks like you guys are having a great time!

amber said...

You guys have the most amazung life!!LUCKY and BLESSED

Christi said...

Good times! Winston is looking OLD in those pics!

laurie l. goodman said...

What a wonderful experience for you... travel certainly does open your eyes to different ways of life and living!