Monday, August 21, 2006

Day 2 (Aug. 16, 2006)

We woke up around 9am this morning, ate breakfast and headed off for Yellow Stone. We made a detour into Idaho Falls to search out a bike shop for a bike rack, so that we could move our bikes out of the center of the trailer, its quite hard to function around 2 adult bikes in a limited space already given. We found one and headed towards Yellowstone, we made it to the town of West Yellowstone, and did a little grocery shopping. We then sat out in the car trying to connect onto the towns library WiFi with our laptop. We couldn’t get a strong signal, so we headed into Yellowstone National Park. We made it into the entrance around 6pm, We registered for a trailer site at Madison Camp Ground, emptied out at the pumps (fun for Steve!) and refilled with fresh water, before heading to our campsite. We then fixed a late dinner consisting of Tomato soup and garlic bread sticks. Then we rushed over to the amphitheater to listen to the Camp Ranger at 9pm. Put the kids to bed, and waited until about 1:00 am for Winston to finally fall asleep to little Einstein’s movie. Happy b-day Clora and June!!!

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