Sunday, August 13, 2006

Just waiting around

So my friend (Cindy in NC) talked me into making a blog here and so far I like it. It should be easy for anyone to post a comment without signing up for anything. I promise I really am not planning on trying EVERY blog server out!
We have been hanging out at my parents just waiting to close on our house, which is empty. We have sold most of our furniture and put the rest of our stuff in a storage unit. Our trailer is packed up and ready to go. We're wishing we were on our way to Alaska, but unfortunately I think it may not happen. I've been checking the weather there and it's definitely into the rainy season already. AK averages over 10 in of rain in Sept and by the end of Sept you can get freezing rains. So we are trying to figure out plan B, C and D. With us a plan B is just not enough! We will of course post when we figure out what we are doing!
On the homeschool news front, Isabelle wrote this great story and read it to us all before the kids went to bed tonight. She has been writing alot lately and added being an author to her very LONG list of things she wants to be when she grows up! Too cute!

Isabelle, Conner, Lincoln and Winston

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