Tuesday, September 5, 2006

North/South Carolina ( We made it !!!! )

Hello from the Carolina's, we have not found WiFi for a week or so. Tonight I found the right spot, ( in the laundry room ) at the KOA campground that we are staying at in Candler, North Carolina. For those that do not know North Carolina, we are about 10-15 minutes West of Asheville. To catch you all up real quick, we did do a 2 hour cave tour with the kids into Mammoth Cave. It was amazing how huge the different cave rooms were. Some of the rooms had around 20-30 bench seats to sit on and listen to the Park Rangers. The kids could have handled the 5 minute or less tour, at one stop in the cave where we all sat on the bench's, Winston didn't want to sit still and his voice carried very well in the cave, the Ranger asked if we could contain him, I asked where the exit was and if he wanted me to take him out? The dumb part of it all is this stop was an hour into the cave. All the others on our tour were very nice about the kids being in the cave. So that was the story of the cave tour. Julie and I thought it was ok, we liked Jewel Cave in South Dakota better. We headed to South Carolina last Sunday evening after the cave tour. We pulled into Julie's cousin Ann's house about 3 am Monday morning. Ann and Randy were so nice to let us park our trailer literally in front of their house for the week. If you wanted to see the true life story of Nation Lampoon Family Vacation, you should have seen us all living out side Ann and Randy's house in our trailer. Thank you so much for letting us stay with you guys!! We put our kids to bed every night and then headed into Ann and Randy's house to hang out with the adults, we had a great time with them. While we stayed at Ann and Randy's we drove into Greenville and Spartanburg areas to see homes for sale, no real luck or great feeling about anything in those areas. We also took the kids to see Aunt Nancy and had dinner with her in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. On Wednesday last week we also went back to Rutherfordton to take the kids to the kids museum, but after eating lunch we found out that they closed early that day, so we had pretty sad kids. We took them to a pottery store and they all picked out a piece and painted them. We are waiting for them to be cooked and pick them up this week sometime. On Saturday we loaded the trailer up and moved our selves across the boarder to Candler, North Carolina. We went to church in Asheville Sunday morning and was welcomed with open arms by the whole branch. We met a couple who had just moved to the area a few months ago from Logan, Utah. They were a lot of help on finding a Realtor that knows the area. The people at church said we came to their ward for a reason, (they said we were meant to be in their branch). Sunday night we went with Julie's cousin Nancy to Asheville to take the kids to the Children's muesum, but again we were too late, they had closed. So we went to the Mello Mushroom for dinner. Yesterday (Monday, Labor-day), we met up with Ann and Randy and their 2 girls and Nancy Clair and Josh at the Hendersonville Apple Days Fair. The kids had fun and we watch the Apple days parade. Yesterday has been the only day we have seen the sun in about a week. The rain won't go away. People keep telling us that its not normal for this much rain this time of the year, we don't believe them. Today we drove into Asheville to meet with a Realtor, we gave her what we are looking for in a home, and tomorrow we meet her for a full day of seeing homes with her. Today we drove around on our own and tortured the kids looking through different neighborhoods. No real luck yet, but it will come in due time. We miss you all and hope all is well. Love Steve, Julie and kids p.s. Julie really didn't see this before I sent it, her and the kids are asleep.

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