Thursday, September 7, 2006

House hunting and homeschool

We spent most of today and yesterday looking at real estate with a wonderful realtor here in Asheville. We put in offers on 2 houses today, so we'll see what happens. The kids have been troopers and justly rewarded with ice cream today! We are all hoping we are done looking at houses for now.
We have found a large (400+ families) homeschool group and a unschool group (50 + families) here in Asheville. There seems to be lots of activities and we are hoping to meet up with the unschool group tomorrow. Also Organicfest, a big once a year festival, is tomorrow.....that HAS to be a sign that we are in the right place!!! There is also a organic farmers market every Sat. We went to a huge health food store today, Earth Fare (I think?) it was great, but just as over priced as Wild Oats..yikes! We can't wait til we can get a garden going.
Well Winston is still up and it's after 10pm. I will try to post an update tomorrow. I'm also trying to add all of you with blogs to my blogroll and add pictures. So send me your blog adresses and hopefully I'll figure out how to work this eventually!!

Love and Peace!!

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