Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Full Day!!!

Today was a big day for us. We started our morning off by going into Asheville for Organicfest 2006. It was heaven for us, we were surrounded by others who believe in a non-toxic way of life. We saw lots of hippies young and old (which meant we saw lots of dreads).

This was one of the many venders at Organicfest (sweet ride...)

The kids had fun while they were hard at work creating headbands for the kids parade at the festival. They were excited when they were invited to march in the kids parade. They had their headbands that they created and the people in charge of the parade handed out musical instruments to the kids and they played them as loud as they could marching through the middle of the festival.

This is the kids marching down the middle of the vender's of the festival parade.(what cute kids!!)

The kids also had their faces painted....(look at my pretty butterfly)

After going to Organicfest we talked with our Realtor about the homes we put offers on this week. Both offers were excepted today ( YEAH!!!). We will live in one, and tear apart the other one and redo it. We want to remodel it quickly and put it back on the market as soon as possible. The other house does not need very much done, except to modernize the look inside and out. The backyard of the nicer one is not as big as the other, but it has been put together well. We are excited about both houses. Both homes are about 3 or 4 blocks from one another, and the ward building is not far from both houses, I would think they are both in the same ward boundaries. Our Realtor tells us that the area that they are located is the fastest growing area. That works for us.

This is the side of the house we won't be living in, but it will be awesome fixed up.

Neither house was our dream home, but they will be great real estate investments. When they are both fixed up we should be closer to knowing where we want to settle down and watch the kids grow up.

This is part of the nice back yard of the house we will move into.

After we talked to the Realtor we headed south to Rutherfordton to the Children's Museum to meet Ann and her two girls. The kids had a blast, ok so did the adults. We then had dinner and headed to Aunt Nancy's house to see her before she left for work. We then headed back for bedtime. I have finally figured out how to add photos, but this blog has taken me a few hours to put together. So I will say good night to you all, Julie does not know that I figured out the photo thing. She will be really excited. I hope tonight's blog works for her since she did not proof read it. I will leave you with a few more photo's from today. Love Steve

the wild 2 year old

Look at me, look at me.....

hitting the killer rapids on the floor

Good night from North Carolina......

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