Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On the road again!

We hope you all enjoyed the pictures Steve put on the last blog. We will try to post more as time allows.

I just wanted to send out a little update. We left NC yesterday afternoon to start our way out to Lake Powell. We stayed near Memphis last night and we're hoping to get to Oklahoma City tonight. We are hoping to get a day at the Grand Canyon Friday. We've never been there and I'm sure we'll want more then one day, but we'll have to go back another time. We are looking forward to Powell. It is the BEST vacation (from our very long vacation)!!!!

We did get some bad news before we left Asheville, one of the houses that we put an offer on (and already had a verbal agreement) fell through. The seller decided he didn't want to sell after all. But at least we still have a written contract on the one we are planning to live in. Our agent will be looking for more property for us to flip while we are gone.

We left Smokey and our trailer with my cousin Bahnson's very nice friends. (By the way I'm waiting to hear about your flip)

Cindy, I'm sorry we didn't get over to Charlotte to see you yet, but we'd love to meet up in Oct when we get back if you'll be around.

Aunt Shirley, I'm hoping everything went well with your operation, you will be in our prayers!

Love and Peace!

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