Thursday, April 19, 2007

Florida (part 2) a bit late..I know!

So here we are half way through May and we need to post about some good stuff in April still! I won't pretend that we try to post every month, cause you all know that isn't true, but maybe we'll try to do better???
Part 2 of our Florida trip!!!!

We had our fantastic trip to FL the beginning of April (see our last post for the first half of the trip) and spent Easter with my grandmom and my Aunt Diane & Uncle Mark & my cousins Garrett & Heather. The kids had a blast decorating eggs with Garrett & Heather and watching their idol, Garrett, skim board! (Garrett braved the freezing weather, 50's, for us and shivered all the way home, it was CHILLY!) Isabelle loved having sleep-overs with Heather and Winston LOVED all the attention from her. He figured out he didn't have to walk anywhere if Heather was around, she'd carry him! I had a good visit with my grandmom. Lots of time for us to just chat and enjoy being together. We even had a girl's lunch for just the 2 of us! She really misses my granddad, as we all do. I sure wish my kids could of at least had some memories of him. He was a really GREAT guy! We'd go on walks hunting for "rolly pollys" and he'd read us Dr. Seuss, at least I have some great memories to tell my kids. The kids had a great time baking (and eating) Easter cookies with Grandmom!! On Easter we went to eat and the kids had an egg hunt and visited a petting zoo, it was lots of fun. (Steve even wore a dressy jacket!) Enjoy the pictures!! -Julie

(Sloans with Grandmom Wellborn on Easter)

(Cagnis with Grandmom Wellborn on Easter)

(Winston & Lincoln decorating Easter eggs)

(Isabelle & Heather decorating Easter eggs)

(Winston, Conner, Lincoln, Heather & Isabelle at the Clearwater Marine Aquairium)

( Conner playing in the water at Clearwater Beach)

(Conner taking skim boarding 101 from Garrett)

( The "Master" in action! Shredding it up!)

(Grandmom & Lincoln making cookies)

(Julie, kids & Grandmom watching a beautiful, but cold, sunset!)

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