Friday, April 20, 2007


Less then 2 wks after our FL trip we had company at our house, party on!
My older sister (Christi) & her 2 kids (Toby & Arielle) and my parents came to visit. We had missed seeing them since we moved, and the kids REALLY missed seeing their cousins, so we were very EXCITED to have them all for a visit!! Unfortunatly it had just snowed over Easter, when we were in FL and all the beautiful blooms were dead. Usually mid April is gorgous here and usually it doesn't snow in April either! We did have great weather when they were in town though, so we were able to do lots of fun things!

(Grandma & Papa Lovelace with the Sloan & Dieckman kiddos in Asheville)

(my mom & dad....AKA Bill & Dotti at the BBQ)

We ate at some YUMMY resturaunts including one of my favorites, Early Girl. We visited downtown Asheville and got boiled p-nuts (a must have) at the Farmer's Market. We had a big family BBQ at my cousin, Ann's house with all the extended family. My cousin Bahnson & his wife Joyce brought their new baby, Negy, to meet all of us.....he is soooo CUTE!

(Bahnson & Negy....see, I told you, he's CUTE!!!!)

Saturday, Christi & I ran the Reggae Earth Day 5K. Lincoln(5) and his 2 cousins, Arielle(7) and Toby(9) ran the 1 mile. Isabelle was so bummed she couldn't run because she was getting over a cough. Toby won 1st place!!! He is FAST!! I did pretty good, better then my Dec race for sure! I had trained alot more and felt ready. Of course I had the pressure of "big sis" coming in town to kick my butt (like she always does & did again) so that made me train a bit harder! She is a REAL runner. (Oh, as a side note I used my first composting toilet there, at the race, and was SUPER supprised at how nice it was....not stinky at all!)

(Christi & Bryce at the Earth Day 5K in Black Mountain)

(Bryce & Lincoln at the race)

(some kid, Toby, Lincoln, Arielle, & some kid at the race)

We met up with all the extended family at Chimney Rock and played in the river then went gem mining and ate ice cream! The gem mine was a big hit and everyone found LOTS of treasure! Then we headed over to the park at Lake Lure where the kids played for a bit before we took a boat ride around the lake. It was so pretty and nice and relaxing.....(yeah, the kids were not sitting by us) It's beautiful to be out on the lake and see the lush green mountains around you!

(The whole gang after a SUPER fun day and beautiful boat ride!)

(Josh, Lincoln & Conner panning for gems! Check out the BLING!)

(Toby, Christi, Ann & Arielle panning for treasure!)

My dad & Steve finally got to try out the golf course by us. My mom treated me & Christi to a pedicure, love the foot massage!! We celebrated Winston's 3rd b-day, gosh my baby is getting so big!

(Lincoln, Conner, Toby, Winston, Steve, Isabelle & Arielle, Happy B-day Winston!!)

It really was a non-stop party! One fun thing after another! I'm probably forgetting something major??? Oh we did get one good game of Settlers in, LOVE that game! Oh, and I'm sure Steve will want me to mention the super yummy Keylime Pie that Christi made, gosh it was GOOD!
FAMILY, FOOD & FUN....... can't get any better then that!!
(we're always up for guest, so any family or friends who want to visit just let us know, we've got room in the chicken coop!!)

BRYCE (yes, it's still me, AKA Julie, but I've always loved my middle name and so now I'm using it)

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