Friday, November 9, 2007

Halloween and the big PARTY!!!!!

Here we are again. This is a quick entry for every one to see what we looked like for Halloween. It also will have photos from Isabelle, Conner and Lincolns all in one birthday party.

We went crazy and got 6 pumkins this year. We all carved ours, but Bryce. Hers went towards our Dinner-in-a-pumkin meal. We have it every year during the Halloween season. You mix cooked rice with other things and we bake it in the pumkin in the oven for an hour. Its really good.

(The kids and their pumkins)

(Bryce and Winston cleaning out the guts)

(Lincoln and Bryce during pumkin cleaning)

(Steve getting inspired carving thoughts)

(Steve's self potrait carving w/golf hat)

(Lincoln, Isabelle, Winston and Conner's carvings)

We had a blast trick or treating this year. For the first time in many years we all got in the fever of Halloween and made costumes.

(here we are, oh so fun!!!)

(Winston was a cute little cow....MOOOOOOO!!!!!)

( We had Winston put on Steve's robot costume it was so funny)

(can I just say I can't stop laughing...This is SOOOO good!!!

Lincoln was a Ninja Turtle)

(Conner was a mad scientist... He loves science)

(Isabelle was a beautiful fairy)

Bryce was a Black eyed P, and I created my own old school ducktape-box and tin foil robot. So fun!!!!!!

(the damage done from going door to door and trunk or treating)

(Steve won this cheese cake at a during musical chairs at a church activity on Halloween....YUMMY!!!!)

We had a big birthday party for three of the kids. Many of their friends came and enjoyed snacks, games, cake & ice-cream and of course the breaking of the Pinata. Their getting so old, so fast.

(Isabelle, Lincoln and Conner blowing out the candles)

(Isabelle made the final blow!!!!!)

(Conner taking his turn, at hitting)

(Lincoln enjoying the sunny day at his party)

Well hope you enjoyed going through Halloween, party and everything in between. We hope all is well with every one.

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