Friday, June 27, 2008


Here we are..... we didn't fall off the earth, but pretty close. We are now in Boone, North Carolina. Boone is 2 hours North East of Asheville. Boone is home to the three time champion Appalatian State Football team. It's sort of like a smaller Portland, Oregon at least that's what I think, Bryce probley thinks differently. We have been in Boone since late Monday night. For those that don't know what we are doing, we are in Boone running a nice old polution making firework stand at the local Walmart.
We have put in alot of time and hard work to set up the inside and outside of the tent. We will be working the tent until July 5th. Then we will be able to go and play around Boone.
Boone is where Bryce was born. She hasn't been here since she was around Lincoln's age (5 or 6). Tuesday night we had time to load the kids and the dogs into the car and head out to see the house she lived in when she was born. She really enjoyed it.
Well it's 1:20 am here in Boone and im SO tired. I have lots of pictures to post, but need more time.

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