Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The show goes on and on and on and on....

So it's Tuesday morning here in beautiful HOT and VERY humid Asheville. We have finished our transition between both houses. We think we have control of the animal smell and problems in our house.
Well now it's time to turn our attention to the bus. We are going to start priming the outside of the bus and take down the stop sign. I am going to try to take my CAD drawing from the computer and post the latest layout that I think we are going with. The kids are real excited about the bus and traveling.
Bryce is done working at the bank at nights, her last night was Friday. It'll be so wonderful to have my wife back. It's been so crazy since last November when she went to work. We never wanted her to work, but we had decided together that we wanted to be out of debt. We were talking one night about how it SUCKS! to work all week long and at the end of the day when the paycheck comes, none of it's for you. Why hate work and be away from your family just because you are slave to the lender? So then Bryce took a job to bring in more income to start paying off our bills. We are moving closer to our goal. We took a financial class last fall called FPU (Financial Peace University). It's created by a wonderful man named Dave Ramsey.
It's funny how our church we belong to (LDS) has preached all my life that we need to stay out of debt and not be of the world, but in the world. Not until now has someone (not LDS) come along and made it enjoyable and exciting to get out of debt and stay that way. I don't ever indorse or push things onto others, but everyone and I mean everyone has to check www.daveramsey.com out and really should sign up for a local class in your area. Lets all get out of debt and live for our selves! Let’s not live for being a slave to the lender.
When I have more time I will do a posting on Dave and what he has meant to us in our lives. We have spotty internet at our new residence because we are trying to feed off someone’s wireless connection in the neighborhood. We are looking into wifi cards, but still don't who has the best plans and whose coverage works best in the states, Alaska and Canada. If anyone knows comment please.
I am working half days this week and Friday will be my last day. Ethan my boss has been really cool with me leaving, he said that when we are in town I would be able to work for him. So that takes care of work in Asheville. Well I am off into the hot humid blue yonder.

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