Thursday, June 5, 2008

How much time does a dollar buy?

Well it's Thursday already. Where did the week go? We have now sprayed the inside of the bus, but have not had any other time to really do much on it. We are running around pulling out our hair, trying to figure everything out. Our Tenants moved out of our rental home and when we went through the house it reeked of animal urine and feces. We are pretty upset, but I guess that's what you get for renting to others. Last night in the dark I ripped out the nice thick padded carpet out of all the rooms and took it to the dumb this morning. What a waste of really nice carpet that was. I don't understand how human beings can live like this? Can someone just try to explain it so I can figure it out? I mean our house can become cluttered and dishes not done for a day, but the next day it's cleaned up and good as new. If my animals crapped our pissed in my house I would be very upset at them, and obviously it would be my fault because this behavior means that I didn't let them out enough to go potty. Our rental house hadn't been shnitted in just once or twice, but multiple times. Then of course the renters waited until this past weekend to try to steam clean the carpets (HORRIBLE MISTAKE!!!!!) now the house is fermenting with wet animal carpet. I wanted to kill someone last night while having to breathe it in and touch it and dispose of it. Tonight I need to go over and mop all the wood floors and the slate in the dinning, sun and kitchen. I hope the smell can be cleaned up.
At the same time we are packing the house we live in and I’ve started moving things to the garage at our smelly rental. So let’s just say the bus is on hold for a few days until we resituate our house location. We hope to be moved into our rental house by Saturday and start the real renovation of the bus.
We moved the bus to the home of our current landlord. They have quite a few acres and they said we can work on the bus there. It's really not the ideal location that I wanted to work on the bus.
So with working fulltime and dealing with moving from house to house and cleaning them both, Bryce and I are TIRED! Well that’s where we are at, hope life finds you all well...

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