Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Bus! The big huge bus!

So we finally won a bid for a bus on Ebay. After many many hours of searching Government sites, school district sites and auction sites such as Ebay, we finally found our bus! Bryce and I acted like two little kids when the auction time ended and it pop up on the screen that we had won the bidding on the bus.
Wednesday last week we stayed up late waiting for the so called cheap flights to show up on the web. Finally around 2am I had found what was going to be the cheapest. I flew out of Asheville Friday morning at 6am and made a connection flight in Atlanta. From Atlanta I flew to my destination of Manchester, New Hampshire. In about the 33 years that i've been alive I have maybe had to write the words New Hampshire a handful of times. Before winning the bus I probably couldn't have told you where New Hampshire was.
I finished the purchase and paper work for the bus, test drove it with the sellers son (to make sure I could handle that much vehicle) and then started my long voyage home to North Carolina. I left around 3pm and made it home around 6pm Saturday night.
The whole way home I would look out the window and see the bus I was driving. All I could think was OH MY HELL! I can't believe this is ours. You never realize how big a bus really is until you own it and drive it.
We had the seller take out all the seats, but the first two rows. We are now starting the renovation from bus to pimp RV. I am adding a few pictures of the large beast. Enjoy....

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