Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday 7-16-08

Well it's another Wednesday. Just thought I would take a second before I throw my self on the old pillow to pass out and catch everyone up with us. The bus is coming along the floors should be finished tomorrow and then we still have insulation to put up on the side walls. After the insulation we will be ready to layout our few walls that we are putting in.
We are getting Isabelle ready and packed for horse camp coming up this Sunday. She will be away from us for twelve days. this will be the longest that she has been away from us so it will be weird. She loves horses and she loves being with all the girls she meets at camp.
Conner and Lincoln are in Kung Fu camp all this week. The money spent on this camp is worth every penny when we see Lincoln bowing out to his Master when he leaves camp each day. watching him and Conner do the things that they had learned is a treat as well. The are both having a blast. What boy wouldn't enjoy a camp where he goes and he is aloud to punch, kick and be incouraged to do more of it?
Winston is sad that he is to young to join in on the camp with the boys, but he gets in his share of sucker punches at home. Winston is growing so fast. He's started talking about how Papa, Grandma, Arielle, Toby, Uncle Jim and every one else is going to think that he is a big kid when they see him in September.
Bryce is looking hotter then ever in her dreads!I think she is starting to get use to them. They do have to grow on you. She is really wanting to head out on the road, but the bus is taking longer then we thought it would or could take. She is very patient about it. We picked Black Berries and Rasberries today at a friends house and Bryce made a raw berry pie. It was delicious. Almond and Cashew crust with Black Berries,Rasberries and Blue Barrie filling.
I am running the boys to and from camp daily and then returning to the bus to lay the recycled hard oak flooring. I have used all the pieces that we had gotten free. I finished the whole bus except for two little areas that are on the sides in the very back of the bus. We have pieces of purgo that will hopefully be enough to finish it all. Nothing much really going on with me, but being Dad and husband. Hope all is well today for everyone. Good night

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