Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bus Update!

Burnie, our bus, is coming along so nicely! Steve is working his butt off day & night trying to get it done before we move in...9 days and counting! I am so excited! I built our compost toilet, but really Steve has pretty much done everything on his own and it is looking sooooo good! We got some beautiful siding for $25 on www.craigslist.com gosh I love that site! And the best part is when we went to pick up the siding we drove out to this amazing property with a awesome house and Phil, the owner and a very cool guy, gave us a tour of his beautiful (green) house. He cut all the poplar from his property and milled it himself into siding. He gave us a bunch of extra wood and a huge bag full of pine shavings for our compost toilet. We definatly scored! We also went to Habitat and got a perfect kitchen cabnit for $60! It fit perfectly between our cool couch that Steve built and the kids bunks which he also built. Here are pictures during the build. Steve has started adding the siding and installed most of the electrical wires. Enjoy the pictures.

SL130082 by you.

The bus seats all removed

SL140015 by you.

Insulation installed

SL170204 by you.

FREE-RECYCLED solid oak T&G floors

SL160002 by you.

Custome built couch

SL180024 by you.

Our homemade composting toilet

SL300034 by you.

Custome built bunkbeds

SL190033 by you.

Our Recycled Poplur T&G paneling shown in the master bedroom

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