Friday, October 31, 2008

Party in Utah!

So after our wonderful wk at Lake Powell, we had a day trip to Heber and were able to visit some friends. Anna & Matt and their great family and beautiful new baby. They are always so fun to hang out with! We also visited Patricia & Sam and their family in their pimp new house...very cool! It was so good to see our old friends. We stayed with Steve's sister June and her family in Pleasant Grove. Our dogs managed to put her pregnant pup into labor while we were gone (sorry) so there were 4 super cute puppies when we got back. She is quiet the blogger too and tried to help us figure some stuff out....yeah we're still learning. We went on a beautiful hike to a freezing waterfall where Winston, of course, had to strip down to his undies cause he thought he was going for a swim. But he soon changed his mind when he stuck his toe in the water and found out it was ICE cold! He then put on just his sweatshirt and said he was warm.

We then headed to my parents house in Day Break. They have a big HOA deal so we really didn't know how long we would be able to stay there with the bus in front of their house before we would get kicked out. We ended up staying for almost 2 wks!! We had a great time hanging out with my brother and his wife and their super CUTE little girl. Crystal my sis in law made a awesome lasagna...yummy! My dad took us on a bike tour of Day Break and taught me how to make laundry soap. I think there are like 5 playgrounds within 3-4 blocks of their house. There is also a great lake and lots of bike trails! We LOVED riding our bikes! We got a short, but sweet visit in with my mom before she headed back to work in CA. My kids got spoiled by grandpa, like always! We all enjoyed the hot tub. Steve and I had a really great time in the hot tub on our anniversary.....hopefully we didn't give the neighbors too much of a show!

We then headed to our good friends the Bove's in SLC. Steve got a temp job working with Billy in Park City, doing construction. So the guys would go to work and us girls would hang out and the kids would play. In the evenings we would hang out and eat LOTS of French bread and gourmet much for being raw! We played some great games of Operation....oh yeah! Who knew Steve was such a great Doctor?? We met some new friends Dan & Analee and learned all about Yatch Rock! Billy did show me how to add friends to my blog send me your blogs and I'll add them! He has helped us a TON with our websites!

We also had a nice visit with Rachel & Sam. We got to visit their mini farm and their cool motorcycle shop, too. Rachel is a knockout even when pregnant with #4!!! We think you should name this baby Banks (for the outer banks)!

A few FOTR (families on the road) met up with us at the Children's Museum. It was great to see the Road School America crew again and meet a new soon to be OTR (on the road) family, Joleen & kiddos!

We went to the park one day and met up with Lillian and Drew. Drew and Isabelle have been friends for yrs. It was really good to see them! We also met up with Karen, Margaret and Nate at another park one day. Then we went to Park City one day to go hiking and Isabelle had a sleepover with Margaret....lots of FUN!

We had a fun family pool party with a bunch of the Sloans. It was a BLAST!! we missed Heather, Clora & Brian's families....wish we could of seen you guys! Steve loved hanging with the guys, Nick & Matt and watching football and I had a great time chatting with June & Amber....good times! we are so lucky to have such great families!

We finally had to head started snowing! So Oct 11th we headed for St. George after stopping by Steve's parents to sneak in one last visit! Steve's mom had made yummy flat bread and put together little goody bags for the kids!

Enjoy the Slide show!

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