Sunday, November 2, 2008

GOALS and blogging.

The days keep flying by and we keep saying we need to update our blog, well I’m setting a new goal, and I don’t really set goals. That’s WAY to much planning for me! But really I want to keep track of our adventures and so I’m going to write for 20-30 mins everyday and blog at least 2 times a wk! We have been moving at SUPER speed it seems and we really are ready to slow down and take more time to enjoy the things we are seeing. From now on I really don’t think we will set dates to be places as it stresses us out and we can’t enjoy where we are at the moment. We are so very blessed to be living this life! To be able to travel and go where we want, when we want. To see the country and teach our kids about the world around us, up close and personal. Yes, I feel very blessed!

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