Thursday, November 6, 2008

St. George UT

We spent 2 wks in St. George at my sister’s house. We got there Oct 11, drove through a snow storm to get there! Steve did some work on their house and we played alot!

SL120019 by you.

Snow in Southern Utah

SL170129 by you.

House before new paint and landscaping

SL250044 by you.

House after new paint and landscaping

The weather, other then the first 2-3 days, was beautiful! On one of the first cold days we took the kids to a corn maze & pumpkin patch. We had a fun time getting lost in the corn maze and the kids (and Steve)

enjoyed scaring each other.

SL140053 by you.

Kids and their cousins

SL140040 by you.

Jim, Steve and the kids at the corn maze

I took the boys and Toby on a hike up to see some cool old pioneer homes build into these caves.

SL170098 by you.

Boys at pioneer house

SL170100 by you.

Winston inside one of the houses

SL170108 by you.

Conner, Lincoln, Toby and Winston

SL170119 by you.

Boys at the pioneer houses over looking St. George, UT

Christi, Jim, Steve & I went to a Japanese restaurant and they cooked on a Hibachi grill in front of us. We had a big fat funny guy, very entertaining. I had not been to one of those kinds of restaurants since I was a kid and Steve had never been to one. We both tried “real” sushi for the first time too. I was grossed out by how it looked with the dead raw fish on top, but really amazed at how good it was! Not sure I'll do it agan though?

We went on another cool hike to….(I forgot the name..Sand Hallow maybe?), but it had cool mountains that looked like we were on another planet. It also had beautiful white sand that the kids had a blast playing in.

SL200079 by you.

The boys climbing the mountain

SL200077 by you.

Christi, Conner, Lincoln, Toby and Bryce

SL200092 by you.

Bryce..nice view

We took the boys to the nice FREE skateboard park a few times. Conner is really pretty good and held his own with all the big boys.

SL190045 by you.


SL190038 by you.


SL220009 by you.

Conner skating

SL220007 by you.

Lincoln....nice moves!

SL220015 by you.

Steve getting ready to fall (a few more feet)

SL190060 by you.

Lincoln, Conner, Toby and Winston at skatepark

Isabelle had a great time playing with Arielle and her friends. They had a girl’s sleepover and made lots of beaded lizards and other creatures. We watched Ghost Hunters and ate way too much! Christi did take me on a 5 mile run to try to kill me, but I even amazed myself at how much easier it was then I thought it would be, seeing as I haven’t attempted to run in months! My parents dropped by for a few hrs and it was nice to see them again.

SL200098 by you.

Bryce's parents, our family and Toby and Arielle

SL200109 by you.

The Dieckman Family (Bryce's sisters fam)

SL200110 by you.

Bryce and her dad

Christi works for the state of UT and the state of AZ as a social worker and helps mostly abused women. She has an office in St. George and one in Colorado City AZ, where she goes twice a wk. She works with polygamist there as that is pretty much the whole community. She took me there on her day off and showed me around a bit. They have a beautiful park that backs up to Zion’s National Park and they used to have a zoo. It was really interesting to see the WHOLE town dressed like pioneers! We went to the grocery store and I felt like a total outsider. We also ate at this little café run by the more “liberal” polygamist group. (meaning they don’t dress like pioneers, but the women still wear long skirts or dresses, but they are more up with current styles) The name of the café was Merry Wives Café!! Good food and great people watching! It was definitely a big cultural experience to say the least!

SL180165 by you.

Bryce and Christi at polygamy cafe

We also got a nice visit in with Steve’s Aunt Shawna & Uncle Frank. They spent this past summer RVing in Alaska! So we spent a few hrs picking their brain about what we should do when we go next summer and we looked at all their pictures. They got us really excited! (I feel like such a goober because I brought my camera to their house, but yeah….forgot to actually take pictures.)

We had a great time in St. George. Thank you Christi and Jim for letting us stay with you.....

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