Saturday, December 27, 2008

Asheville Pizza and Brew night out

Asheville Pizza and Brew had free movie night. Bryce and our friend Julie H. who has been so awesome to let us park at her house for the last few weeks picked up free tickets. It is such a fun place to go and hang out with friends and family. It's an older movie theater that you can order pizza, food and drinks and then lounge in the full size theater and eat while watching the movie. The movies are cheap when you actually have to buy them. We watched the old funny version of Scrooge with Bill Murray. The kids had a blast with their friends and food. Bryce and I had a great time hanging out with Julie H. and our other friends Todd and T. The sad part of the night was when Julie's son Reed got sick and she had to leave early and go home with him. We'll have to try it again sometime.

Conner and his best friend Quinn

T, Todd, Isabelle, Bryce, Clay, Lincoln, Conner,Quinn and Winston

the kids in front of the funny mirrors

Isabelle dressed up for the movies

Back row: Julie H., Steve, Todd, T
Lower: Quinn, Conner, Isabelle, Winston, Clay, Lincoln and Reed

Winston ready to party!

Clay (Lincoln's best friend), Lincoln

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Mattsbrt said...

I wanna come next time...that looks so neat.