Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Houston's and Christmas 08

Since we have been back in Asheville (our home base) we have been so lucky to have found the best place in town to stay. Julie Houston and her two boys Clay and Reed let us park our 40' home in their driveway. They have shared everything with us, including communal meals, crafting sessions, late night TV video series watching, lots of Pokemon trading, skateboarding and flying around the yard on brooms. The kids created a clubhouse in her shed. We felt so blest to spend this Holiday season with Julie and her boys. Thanks again for everything Julie.

Clay, Julie and Reed

Julie and Bryce

Winston and Reed fighting like......well like starwars

I can't believe Darth Spider was in the same house as us (He was very polite)

Lincoln was so excited to go to karate with Clay

Clay and his many Pokemon

The kids making Christmas treats for others

More dipping

ok and some taste testing

Christmas Eve dinner (we went all out white trash style)

more dinner pics

Santa brought more Pokemon

Santa must have been a dentist when he was younger

Santa gifts

first Christmas in the Skoolie

Winston got more lego's
Isabelle and Conner opening presents

Lincoln loved the Spy stuff he recieved

Reed, Conner and Winston opening presents

Winston received a cool Starwars laptop Learning system
The kids eating breakfast and checking out their new gifts

here's to you Julie.... Thanks


amber said...

You guys always have so much fun!! I love it! Have a great New Year!!!

Christi said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you all had a great Christmas (looking over your last few posts). So what's next after the firework stand? Isabelle looks super grown up in the pics. I really like her hat!

Julie said...

what a lovely month that was! Hopefully the new house will have a landing pad for the bus as well :) Much love always & blessings on your journeys ~ Julie

Mattsbrt said...

I loved those pretzels. They were gone the night I got them. Curtis says, "Cool Pokemon!"...Which one is your best? I am glad to know that you have a great friend who allows you to use her driveway.
HAPPY 2009!!!

Mattsbrt said...

Curtis wanted me to leave a message for Connor..."Hey, I wish you could come after your trip to Mexico. I really miss you & can't wait to see you again." "Do you have your own laptop?" Email me at my mom's email till she can remember what mine is. Miss you!