Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fireworks, New Years and moving on....

Christmas day we headed down to Easley, South Carolina to work at a fireworks stand for the New year. We worked a larger scale tent back in July in Boone NC. This stand was alot of work to get ready to sell to the public, but it was much easier then the July tent. Once again we had a front row viewing area of people watching. There are some really crazy people out there.

our Skoolie Burnie
All the product in boxes
Let's sell
Lincoln and Winston helping with sales
Isabelle and Lincoln having some fun

Coco and Shelter
Julie H. took Lincoln with her and her boys ice skating he loved hanging out with Clay and Reed.

Clay, Lincoln and Reed

Clay and Lincoln
When we went back to Asheville from doing fireworks we stayed with Julie H. and her kids again. Since we can't do fireworks while we are doing fireworks, we did some with Julie and her boys at her house.

Steve and Conner


Steve and Reed

Winston, Steve and Lincoln

the kids having fun

So this is what happens when dad is working on the bus geting it ready to travel. The kids thought they would have dress up time. Well Conner and Winston did just that, they put dresses on. How cute! The kids had fun dressing up and playing.
Conner and Winston


Bryce and Julie
The tree kids
Organic Tribe and the Houstons

One last picture (this ones for the kids)

So with all that has went on the last week since Christmas, we are heading South West to Mexico..... We are in route as this post has been made.


Julie said...

for some reason, only 3 of the photos from this post are showing on my computer! grr... could you please email me the good ones?

Mattsbrt said...

What fun you always have...I love the dress up clothes the best...Ur boys are so pretty!!!

5 Chinchen's said...

are you in mexico yet???
where are you crossing over? if you get a chance, go spend a day in bisbee, az (eastern part of southern arizona). if your crossing over in yuma let us know, we're only an hour away and can maybe come meet you before you journey on!
you got my number....(facebook)

amber said...

Nick said he loves the face hair Steve!! You guys are always so busy!! Where are you guys going this summer?