Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hot Springs, Arkansas

So a few weeks ago on our travels towards Asheville we went through the state of Arkansas. We had seen on our map that there was a National Park in the state called Hot Springs. We did not know anything about the place. We thought it was a lot of hot springs and so they called the area Hot Springs. Well now we know that there is a town in Arkansas that is a National Park. We did not know there are actual towns that are named as National Parks. To us a National Park was Yellowstone or Mnt. Rushmore, not a whole town. So we visited the bath houses and walked the town and it's parks. It was really cool learning about the springs in the area. It was pretty cool along the streets in designated areas there would be fresh spring water fill up stations. This is no ordinary fresh spring water, this water is hot fresh spring water. The kids couldn't resist and had to make hot chocolate. They said it was the best hot chocolate they had ever had.

Home of Pres. Clinton

Bryce and the kids

Parked at the visiter center
fill station

some building in town

warmth from undergound springs

Winston climbing

covered springs

park in town

another warm vent underground

Conner chill'n

Steve and kids by hot spring pool

under ground spring incased in basement of Bath house

Steve and Isabelle next to elevator system in basement

room where men hung out with out the ladies

Check out the Sloan bottle (SWEET!)

Steve made it into the womens changing room

beautiful windows in the bath houses
Lincoln, Conner and Winston

inside bath house

Isabelle in one of the showers

room in bath house

People would sat in these boxes with their heads sticking out to steam

Conner relaxing in a smaller bath tub (not #2ing)

Conner in a large tub (still no #2ing)

another shower

old fountains in the bathing rooms

beautiful glass work on ceiling


Winston running around a spring fountain

Conner and Lincoln at fountain

walking the town

bath house row

tribute to people well known from Arkansas (We only cared about Johnny)

Organic Tribe Family

The kids earned another Jr. Ranger badge

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