Friday, December 5, 2008

The LOUD family

So we were so blessed to meet up with the LOUD family finally. Hearing Bryce and Kati on the phone together on a daily basis you would think they've been friends for years. That isn't the case, we feel like we have known their family for ever, but we actually just met them in person last weekend. They are working a Christmas tree lot in South Carolina. We took the bus down to Bryce's cousin’s house so that her cousin could help us install our huge RV propane tank. Friday we celebrated Lincoln's birthday with pizza for dinner and then we decided to head down to see the LOUD family. Little did we know that it would be around 10pm when we got there. We visited with them late into the morning. We then drove back to Bryce's cousin’s house and Saturday we installed the tank (pain in the butt!). It rained all weekend and was very bone chilling. Sunday we hung out for a little while with her cousin and his family, and then we thought we would go and see the LOUD family one last time before we headed back up to Asheville and they head out West. We were going to surprise them, but we were surprised instead. We came upon an accident on the freeway and had to slow down and merge into one lane. The Highway patrol stopped us for a moment so that the tow truck could backup to one of the smashed cars. Then he waved us on, when we went to drive forward there was no gas and no acceleration. We did cruise up the road out of every ones way at about a mile an hour. We had no clue what was happening? I thought it was because I had cursed a lot of idiot drivers butting in front of the merging lane. While we tried figuring out what was wrong, Bryce gets a phone call from Kati (LOUD fam. mom). She wanted to know if we were alright from the accident. She had driven past us and seen that our bus was pulled over with all the other smashed cars. She turned around and came and picked up the kids and took them back to her place where it was a whole lot warmer. Bryce and I stayed with the bus and waited 6 1/2 hours for good old Good Sam’s to find us a wrecker to tow us to a shop. I have a big feeling we are done using Good Sam’s. It shouldn't have taken that long! So any ways the nice man that came out to help us got the bus working again and drove the rest of the way to where the LOUD family was staying. I need to find his card and post his companies info. He really was handy and a big help. So we were reunited with our kids and the LOUD family. While we were stranded at the bus, the LOUD family’s daughters Auvi and Zoe took Isabelle to Kohl’s to do make-up on each other and then went to get a bite to eat. Isabelle had the best time with them. We hung out all night until early into the morning again chatting about life. Thank you LOUD family for rescuing our children and thank you for becoming great friends that we will always cherish.

LOUD family hang'n in our bus

Zoe and Isabelle

Conner and Connor

Kati, Bryce and Auvi

Vern, Auvi and Steve

The boys fight club

Vern enjoying a warm meal (Cold outside)!


CurtNbellsMom said...

That is so neat to meet up with people you talk to all the time. I am glad to see you are doing well & the kids are having a great time.

Christi said...

Good friends make the world go round! That's so fun! Hope you are all feeling better and kicking the gunk. Guess where Jim & Toby are tonight? An Aquabats show! (yeah- here in St. George where nothing ever happens.. heh heh)