Monday, March 16, 2009

Organ Pipe National Park

After we left Mexico and interred back into the States, we stayed at Organ Pipe National Park in Arizona. It was a different kind of National Park with many verities of cactus and Desert plants.

There are a few hikes that the park offers. One of those hikes takes you to some of the old mines.

Enjoy the pictures.

Bryce, Isabelle, Conner, Winston and Lincoln

Winston, Bryce, Conner, Isabelle and Lincoln

Isabelle and Bryce


Conner and Lincoln

Lincoln found a jaw bone on our hike
at the mines

Raven hang'n on a cactus

Isabelle, Steve, Conner, Winston and Lincoln

Isabelle and Lincoln standing next to small cactus plant

Organic Tribe on a hike

Isabelle, Lincoln and Winston receiving their Jr. Ranger badges


Mattsbrt said...

small cactus huh?

Carrie said...

I love the pictures! Glad to know you are back on US soil after watching the news and seeing all the problems going on at the border!

organic tribe said...

We never had any problems there and would go back in a heartbeat. We'll be in Mexico for about 5 months this coming winter. Lot's of people worry about the crime there, but there is plenty of crime in the US....just watch the news about LA or NY or your local news! We love Mexico!