Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dentist, eye exams, & more Mexico we go....

So we missed Mexico so much that we went back. We met up with Steve's Aunt and Uncle and their friends Donna and Doyle. We have heard about cheap dental and Optical. So we decided to go and try it out. We headed to Yuma area of Arizona to stay in the bus out side of the Mexico boarder. We boon docked for a few days and walked into Los Algodones to see the dentist and have our eyes examined. Over all the price was great for not having health insurance and it was great to get local fresh tacos. We were tired of the long lines we had to stand in to cross the boarder back into the States. One night crossing we stood in line for at least 2 1/2 hours. We had a great visit with Steve's Aunt and Uncle and their friends.

The line to cross over into the States

The kids at the park in LosAlgodones

Bryce and Conner enjoying their Paletas

Lincoln and Isabelle enjoying their paletas at the park

Doyle and Donna

Uncle Frank and Aunt Shaunna

The Yuma party

Steve and Aunt Shaunna

Conner find

Winston, Lincoln and Conner in their hiding place


Nick, Amber,& Easton said...

You guys always have so much fun! Even going to the dentist.

Nancy said...

The adventures never end.

Christi said...

So you're in Mexico? I'm confused! I thought Mom & Dad were just taking the kids to a movie the other night?! Is this a April Fool's Joke?