Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joshua Tree, FOTR rally and sk8 parks

So we are trying to catch up on our travels. We are running about 2 months behind. So the next few blogs will be our adventures from the last little while.

We spent a few nights in Joshua Tree National Park. It was a cool area, but a bit sad & stressful for us. Our beloved cat Smokey jumped ship and Burnie (our bus) broke down. We plan to head back someday to enjoy it more!

So thankfully it was beautiful in Joshua Tree and the stars were amazing....cause it was freakin COLD at night, yeah ice on the INSIDE of our windows...that cold! We had no internet or cell reception and we were broke down. Some way nice guy camped across from us and came to our rescue....Matt you are the BEST!!! Thanks again!

Lincoln finally pulled out this tooth that had been lose for a LONG time. Isn't he cute!
The kids really loved the boulders and had a blast hiking and climbing and finding hideouts.

Yeah my kids ROCK!!!
Do you see the face?
Ride the wave!

CRAZY..... LA traffic on the way to the FOTR rally!
We had so much fun at the CA Families On The Road rally! 14 families that travel full time. 40 something kids, art, hooping, making icecream, movies, drumming, guitars by the bonfire, playing on the beach, swimming, riding bikes, making great friends and amazing memories!!!

Exploring cool tide pools!

Icecream with friends on the beach....yummy!
DeMichaels, Sloans, & people!
More hot mamas and kiddos at the Rally!
Isabelle & the Dudley chics
How many men does it take to fix a skooile? I think we had 5 guys under there! Thanks again for helping us!!!!
Shredding it up at the SK8 park!

This is where Lincoln became "PRO"!!!

Sweet rigs!!!


Christi said...

Nice pics! Those tide pools look cool. Keep shreddin' boys!

Carrie said...

I am so jealous of your awesome adventures!!! I want to come! Adopt me! :) I love the pictures...Nice jack-o-lantern grin Lincoln-Jake's is just starting to fill in. I love the toothless grins!! Jake lost his 2nd top front tooth right before Halloween so we painted his face and made him a "Jake"-o-lantern...I will post the pic's some time...Have fun and be safe!

5 Chinchen's said...

We had so much fun with you all! Looking forward to creating many more awesome memories with you on the open road!
love to you all!

Nick, Amber,& Easton said...

It looks like a lot of fun!! You guys are so blessed to have such great times! Hope to see you guys in Bryce Canyon.

Nancy said...

Congrats Lincoln!
hello to all. stay safe on your adventures.