Monday, April 27, 2009

Oceanside & Hollywood

We are still trying to do catch up on our blog from the last 2 months. Sorry we've been slackers! Just playing too much to write. The end of Feb after the Families On The Road (FOTR) rally we got to hang with a few of the families for a few more days in Oceanside. The high lights for us were the beautiful beach with gold sparkles...amazing! Watching sea lions and hearing them "bark"! Sitting around the camp fire with good friends and fun jam sessions.


Burnie created in the sand


Dolphins swimming around the surfers

John from the Wild Tribe Fam cutting Winston's hair

Steve & John setting Winston up for a hair cut

Winston playing on the beach

Then we were off to Hollywood, where we met up with other friends. Hollywood....meaning the strip, was not what I was expecting. Crazy, wild, crowded and very touristy....maybe that IS what I should of expected?!? Great people watching and fun street shows! A ton of people are in costume and wanting you to take pictures of them and they expect you to tip them....pretty much they harass you. So if you ever go be prepare to avoid them or bring lots of 1$s.

Winston & Isabelle at Walt Disney's star

Winston is amazed by the bird on his arm

Harry Potter star's - hand prints

Isabelle putting the bird to sleep

Winston was pretty stoked on this Limo

Conner by Ozzy's star

Snoopy & Winston

Isabelle, Kelby & Winston near Darth and his Storm Trooper

Isabelle, Winston & Conner near Bumble-Bee the Transformer

Isabelle near Marilyn Monroe's hand and foot prints

Gayle, Conner, Winston, Isabelle & Bryce with the King

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Mattsbrt said...

Curtis was in heaven with Darth Vader & bumble bee in the backgrounds! Looks like the kids had a great time!