Friday, May 1, 2009

Funeral & Family

We were in LA when we got the sad news that Steve's Grandmom died. The funeral was to be in Bryce Canyon Utah. We decided to all go and show our love & support for our family. We spent a night in Las Vegas on the way. We forgot how UN-kid friendly Vegas is till we got there. It was unusually cold & windy and the few things we thought we could do with the kids was closed...the pirate show, the tigers, the volcano, ect. We did get to see the fountains at the Bellagio, which sprayed us cause it was soooo windy, but always really neat to watch!

the kids in Vegas

Bryce remembering her favorite cartoon

the kids at the world famous FAO Schwarz toy store in Vegas

We got into Bryce Canyon the night before the funeral. It was a beautiful drive from Cedar City! There had been a big snow storm the night before and everything was white. We had never seen Bryce in the winter and it was beautiful! A big change in weather seeing as we have spent most of the winter in Mexico & sunny LA. It was really nice to see so much family! All of Steve's siblings made it to the funeral except Kathy & Heather (who were missed). It was sad to say goodbye to Grandmom, but a good time to bond & reconnect with family. There were cousins there that Steve had not seen in years, children we had never met and we had a really nice time meeting & catching up with family. Our kiddos had a great time playing with cousins & seeing Grandmom & Grandpa & all the Aunts & Uncles! We are really blessed with amazing family!

the snow levels in the mountain to Bryce Canyon was amazing

part of the drive up to Bryce Canyon

Red Rock Canyon, this is on our way up to Bryce Canyon

cousins carrying Grandma to rest

left to right - Steve's parents and Uncle and Aunt

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