Saturday, May 23, 2009

Organic tribe thredz Etsy store

So here we are again, it's been a week or so since we have posted. We have been pretty busy. One of the things that we have done is created more product to sell on the road. For those that are new with us, I (Steve) sew a lot of things to sell to support our travels. I sew patchwork and panel skirts, hair ties, bags (small & large) and many other items as they are created in my mind. The coolest part about most of the things I sew is that the fabrics are from recycled clothing, drapes,bed spreads and anything else that may have fabric on it. Most of the power that is used to sew comes from our solar panels on the Skoolie. It's really cool to say that my creations are pretty much 100% recycled materials. Besides the things that I sew Bryce and Isabelle love to make jewelery. So tell all your friends and families about our Etsy store. I just added new stuff to it yesterday and there is much more coming in the future. If you decide to open an Etsy store tell them we sent you, I think we get some kind of points for it. Enjoy looking through the things we love to make and if you feel the urge go ahead and buy something while your there. We would appreciate it. Remember Christmas in July is right around the corner, don't be caught with out anything. Thank you for so many of our frinds and family who have supported our cause and bought items from us in the past. We hope to sell much more in the future. The website is Thanks

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