Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread houses at The Grove Park Inn

Last week we met up with some friends from the Asheville Unschooling group and went to The Grove Park Inn in Asheville to see their yearly Gingerbread contest. This was our third year going, so I guess you could call it a yearly tradition for us to do. Isabelle did a house with some girls from church two years ago and one a ribbon and last year all the kids had helped build one with other homeschoolers. We love visiting The Grove Park Inn it's very beautiful. The views are amazing of downtown Asheville from the top level of the inn.
The Grove Park Inn

Model of the inn

Amazing houses

more houses
Conner and Winston

Conner and best friend Quinn

Organic Tribe at the inn

The kids checking out the water falls

downtown Asheville


Made with gingerbread and icing

Back side of the inn

Beautiful gingerbread skills

More great houses

Quinn checking out the houses

The kids love to pick out their favorites

arn't they so cute!


amber said...

Merry Christmas! I want to visit this place. It's beatiful! Is there an airport near? We love guys so much and be safe.

organic tribe said...

Yes Asheville has an Airport.

chelsea said...

Seriously, who can keep up!? I like the new blog header too, btw.

Hope you had a nice Christmas in...Iceland or Mexico or wherever you were!!

Mattsbrt said...

I love the new header as well...I have been meaning to tell you since I seen it...Sorry...running a bit behind. This Inn is amazing & I love all the old ruin look trails it has. The gingerbread houses are incredible.